Expertise Hub VIDEO: There Is a Mismatch to Look Into (Seaproof Solutions)

If 5% of an offshore wind project’s CAPEX is accounting for around 82% of failure claims, there is an obvious mismatch to look into, according to CEO and founder of Seaproof Solutions, Henrik Bang-Andreasen, who referred to reports revealing that a big percentage of offshore wind farm failures came from cable-related issues.

Watch our Expertise Hub interview to hear more of Henrik Bang-Andreasen’s insight on this topic and find out details about Seaproof Solutions’ technology, projects and business plans.

The provider of cable protection systems has been awarded a number of offshore wind contracts so far, with the most recent being the Norther offshore wind farm in Belgium. This is the 16th offshore wind project for Seaproof Solutions, taking the total number of cable protection systems supplied to more than 1,200.

Furthermore, the company recently launched its Retrofit J-Tube, for which it says that it can be adapted to a wide range of foundation types, allowing for a multitude of installation procedures and extra protection to subsea cables.

Also, Seaproof is working on new solutions for the industry, specifically for use on floating offshore wind projects.

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