Exposed power cable found at BritNed interconnector

An exposed power cable in free span has been detected at the BritNed interconnector between the UK and the Netherlands.

A recent survey has found a 17-meter long cable suspension that is up to two meters high on the BritNed interconnector HVDC cable.

Exposed power cable found at BritNed interconnector
Credits to KIS-ORCA

At its maximum height, the suspension is in the order of 1.5 – 2 meters clear of the seabed.

According to KIS-ORCA, this poses a risk of entrapment of trawling gear and BritNed is actively looking at remedial options.

Commissioned in 2011, the 260-kilometer BritNed is a joint project between transmission system operators TenneT and National Grid.

The interconnector went out of service in December last year due to a cable fault.

In March this year, it was reported that the 1 GW interconnector was out again, shortly after cabling firm NKT completed the repair operations.

Following the faults, two cable repairs were completed at the project in June.

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