Fafnir Offshore Bags Contract for Its New PSV

Fafnir Offshore Bags Contract for Its New PSV

FAFNIR OFFSHORE and REMØY MANAGEMENT have secured a six year (180 days a year) back-to-back time charter contract with the Governor on Svalbard for FAFNIR’s newly commissioned platform supply vessel. The contract is extendable two times two years and is valued at 329.3 million NOK ($56.5 million US).

The ship will service the Arctic island Spitsbergen 180 days a year, first season beginning spring 2014. On their website the Ministry of Justice and Public Security in Norway stated that the new ship and two helicopters will strengthen the service in the Svalbard region substantially. The vessel will, in addition to servicing Spitsbergen, patrol, prevent pollution, conduct rescue services, and monitor environmental developments in the Svalbard archipelago, Bear Island, and Hopen.

Mr. Steingrímur Erlingsson, the CEO of FAFNIR OFFSHORE, said on the occasion: “This is a very exiting assignment for us at FAFNIR. We are very much at home in the Arctic and we are extremely proud to be selected to service the people living and working in Spitsbergen with our new ship”.

The ship is a Havyard 832L WE design. It is an Ice Class B vessel and can accommodate 30 people. The ship is 88.5 meter long and 17.6 meter wide. The deck area is 850 square meters with a modular helideck. The ship is equipped with a fire fighting unit, an emergency oil recovery system, a dynamic-positioning system (DP2) for optimal position keeping during operations, refueling system for Jet A-1 fuel, and a night vision detection system for identifying people, oil, and ice in the dark. On board there is a twin-jet rescue boat as well as two work, search, and rescue boats.

REMØY MANAGEMENT AS will operate the ship during the lifetime of the contract. Mr. Ståle Remøy, CEO of REMØY MANAGEMENT, stated: “We look forward working with FAFNIR OFFSHORE on this important assignment. This is our first project, of hopefully many, with FAFNIR. The ship is a state-of-the-art vessel and it will be a pleasure for our crew to operate it in the challenging conditions of the Arctic region“.


Havyard, April 12, 2013

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