Film-Ocean invests in new ROV LARS

Film-Ocean has recently invested a six-figure sum in the design and manufacture of its latest compact remotely operated vehicle (ROV) launch and recovery system (LARS).

Film-Ocean’s LARS system has a smaller footprint than the more traditional A-frame systems, an overall weight reduction and its built-in foldable knuckle boom crane allows for operations where height restrictions may present a challenge.

Depending on the requirements of the project, the compact LARS solution is both flexible and adaptable to accommodate and launch Film-Ocean’s Tiger, Cougar and Panther ROV systems.

Scott Jenney, Film-Ocean CEO, said, “Our latest investment, the compact LARS system, is an excellent addition to the fleet. The new compact LARS solution has been deployed with Film-Ocean’s Cougar ROV system on its first project to undertake an ROV inspection for an oil and gas major. I know that it will be in high demand from clients, and we already have other projects scheduled for the compact LARS system in Q4 2020.

“We are delighted that this new launch and recovery solution will allow us to deploy larger, more capable ROV’s to platforms and installations that would perhaps find it difficult to accommodate a larger deployment system.”

The investment in this piece of specialised LARS equipment will equip Film-Ocean to secure further ROV inspection work across its range of ROV systems.