Finland’s Hamina LNG terminal hosts first-ever ship bunkering

Hamina LNG terminal, located in Southeastern Finland, at the port of Hamina (Baltic Sea), has, for the first time ever, served as a ship bunkering site.

Courtesy of Hamina LNG

Hamina LNG, the terminal’s operator, revealed on social media that the ship bunkering was completed this week in cooperation with Rohe Solutions and Glander International Bunkering.

The operator said that since the amount of ships that run on LNG/LBG is growing, it is a benefit when bunkering is done using a refuelling arm at its berth, adding that the end result will be a full tank and colder LNG, directly from storage.

Commenting on the availability of spot capacity during April-June 2024, Hamina LNG noted: “At the moment storage booking level is high, however, from April onwards there is still space…”

To remind, Hamina LNG terminal operator is a joint venture between Finnish company Hamina Energy, compatriot technology group Wärtsilä and Estonian energy company Alexela.

Hamina terminal provides LNG storage services with a storage capacity of 30,000 m3 and regasification and injection services into the Finnish gas transmission network with a daily capacity of 4,800 MWh. Other services include LNG truck loading, vessel unloading and loading and vessel bunkering.

The terminal received its first commercial LNG carrier in October 2022, shortly after it had started supplying natural gas to the grid, following the cooldown procedure and commissioning tests of the systems and equipment.