First Nominee for the IADC Safety Award 2018

International Association of Dredging Companies today revealed the first nomination in the running to receive the IADC Safety Award 2018.

According to the announcement, the first nomination is ‘We Are ITA by Jan De Nul Group‘.

In the coming weeks, IADC will publish the rest of nominations for the Safety Award 2018. The winner will be announced on 15 September 2018.




During the course of a project, attention and priorities can shift, but one thing is certain: safety results from successful projects and vice versa.

Jan De Nul Group acknowledges that proper preparation and keeping control makes all the difference in ensuring a successful project. That’s why the company conceived ‘Imagine Think Act’ (ITA) which has a dedicated website, a We Are ITA movie and regular newsletter messages to employees.

A company-wide program, ITA’s strategy is to approach culture from an operational point of view and not as a safety culture. The system is self-sustaining as long as company leadership give attention to ITA as it is about how leadership is realised, risks are handled and mistakes are responded to.


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