First public access CNG station opened in Jacksonville

amp Trillium, the joint venture between ampCNG and Trillium CNG, and Champion Brands Incorporated revealed the opening of the first-ever public access CNG refueling station in northeast Florida.

The amp Trillium station is easily accessible for heavy-duty fleet trucks. The new CNG station will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The station includes two dual hose dispensers, allowing two semi trailers to fuel at the same time, and features Trillium CNG’s proprietary fast-fill hydraulic intensifier compressor.

The station host, Champion Brands has begun replacing their diesel fleet with CNG trucks. The first wave of CNG trucks hit the road October 1, 2014. Their diesel fleet will be fully replaced with CNG by July 2017.


Image: amp Trillium

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