First Sewol Underwater Inspection Complete

Stage one of underwater inspections conducted by divers on the sunken Sewol ferry has been finalized.

After the award of salvage contract to Shanghai Salvage-Ocean C&I consortium , 50 divers have been performing vessel inspection.

According to media reports, 50 divers were among 211 people working on the site from two barges, Hyundai Boryeung and Dalrihao.

Divers managed to remove residual fuel oil after accessing the inner hull to locate the oil tanks.

In the coming days workers will seal up all the openings on the ferry to prevent the bodies of missing nine people, suspected to be inside, from moving to other parts of the vessel.

Nine missing people were among 400 that were on board Sewol when it sank en route from Incehon to the island of Jeju.

Most of the passengers on board were high school students.

Subsea World News Staff

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