Illustration; Source: Maersk

Flying Tiger Copenhagen teams up with Maersk on transporting goods using green fuels

Danish container shipping major A.P. Moller – Maersk has announced that compatriot retail company Flying Tiger Copenhagen will join its roster of customers utilizing the ECO Delivery solution for ocean freight transport, beginning in 2024.

Illustration; Source: Maersk

The strategic move aims to significantly curb Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s greenhouse gas emissions associated with ocean logistics. Namely, Maersk’s ECO Delivery enables companies to transport their goods using certified green fuels like second-generation biofuel based on waste feedstocks instead of fossil fuels.

The corresponding GHG emission savings are confirmed to the customers with a certificate.

Maersk said that emissions of these seaborne transports are being reduced by over 80% on a lifecycle basis compared to the usage of conventional fossil fuels.

Maersk defines ’green fuels’ as fuels with low (65-80%) to very low (80-95%) GHG emissions over their life cycle compared to fossil fuels.

“We want to be the frontrunners in the green transition of the retail industry and do our part to pass on a better globe to future generations. We want to offer affordable products which are good for the environment and ultimately end dependency on virgin fossil materials and fuels. With ECO Delivery, we have found an efficient solution for avoiding emissions from our maritime logistics and are pleased to have a like-minded partner at our side here in Maersk,” said Martin Jermiin, CEO of Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

“It’s great to see retail companies like Flying Tiger Copenhagen being among the pioneers and largest users of our ECO Delivery Ocean solution to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint from their logistics activities, and it’s an even greater pleasure to see such a close partner as Flying Tiger Copenhagen joining the growing group of Maersk customers transporting 100% of their ocean cargo with Maersk under ECO Delivery,” said Stig Kirkegaard, Nordic Area Head of Sales at Maersk.

As informed, ECO Delivery Ocean transports will be exempted by Maersk from EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) charges. Furthermore, Maersk said that green fuels would enjoy fixed prices.