FN Diving Performs Repairs on Vessel’s Propeller (Sweden)

FN Diving Performs Repairs on Vessel's Propeller (Sweden)

FN Diving was called upon to perform an inspection and eventual repairs on a vessel’s propeller which encountered severe vibrations after passing the thick ice on the Baltic sea. A team of FN Diving technicians was deployed immediately and travelled the night with all necessary equipment to be able to perform the repairs whilst the vessel was anchored in a Swedish fjord.

Arriving early afternoon the following day the team loaded and installed the equipment on a local workboat and sailed towards the vessel.

The initial inspection showed one bent tip and 3 edges suffering nicks, cracks and missing pieces. After consulting the propeller manifacturer, calculations were made and the bent tip was cropped off and the opposite blade was balanced by means of cropping off the same dimensions of the tip. Cracks, nicks and missing pieces on the leading edges were grinded away, resulting in smooth aquadynamic edges.

The third blade was bend in a manner that made underwater cold straightening possible with the cold static load press. Restoring the propellers efficiency immediately.

A full propeller polish was performed after completion of the damage treatment, in order to provide a proper finish.

Afterwards the vessel sailed without any vibrations or loss of the propeller’s efficiency.


Press Release, January 29, 2013

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