FORCE elects new Board Director

Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) has appointed Ken Paul to its board of directors.

Paul holds a bachelor of science degree from Dalhousie University, and has worked as an engineer and hydrographer with the Canadian Hydrographic Service, leading multi-beam seabed mapping operations.

Paul currently serves as Director of Fisheries and Integrated Resources for the Atlantic Policy Congress (APC) of First Nations Chiefs Secretariat, a policy research and advocacy secretariat for 32 Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy and Innu Chiefs, Nations and Communities.

Commenting on his appointment, Ken Paul said: “Tidal energy is an important opportunity for our region, and I look forward to contributing to its success.”

Tony Wright, General Manager at Force, said: “In-stream tidal technology has the potential to help us address climate change and become a cleaner energy province. The industry is growing worldwide, but this is still a new technology in the Bay of Fundy – getting this right will take sound leadership. That’s why I’m honored to announce the appointment of Ken Paul to the board: his leadership in First Nations fisheries and the environment in the Atlantic region will be a real asset to FORCE.”

FORCE is Canada’s lead test facility for in-stream tidal energy technology, located in the Bay of Fundy.

As a non-profit research lab, FORCE collaborates with government, industry, academia and the public to better understand if this technology can play a safe, effective role in Canada’s energy future.

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