FPP Tries Out Aalborg University’s New Wave Lab

Floating Power Plant (FPP), a developer of a wind-wave hybrid energy technology, has completed a three-week testing at Aalborg University’s new wave basin facilities.

At the wave lab, FPP conducted a series of tests focused on numerical model validation and advanced control strategies, to maximise wave energy output.

The Denmark-headquartered company has developed the P80 wind-wave energy platform that hosts a single wind turbine ranging from 5MW to 8MW and integrates a wave energy device with a capacity between 2MW and 3.6MW, depending on the wave resource.

The technology has been proven by two years of offshore, grid-connected testing in Danish waters.

Commercial development for the platform is on the horizon with the Katanes wind-wave project, being developed jointly by DP Energy and Floating Power Plant, since the companies have recently taken a new step forward by completing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) screening. The Katanes project site is located off Caithness and Sutherland in the north of Scotland.

The project is one of the two that the companies are looking to set up, the other one being in Wales.