France: GDF SUEZ Reorganizes its Central Functions


In the context of its ambitious growth strategy, GDF SUEZ has reorganized its central functions and made new appointments.

The Management Committee has been expanded. Effective on May 1st, it will be made of Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman and CEO, Jean-François Cirelli, Vice-Chairman and President, Gérard Lamarche, Executive Vice-President, Valérie Bernis, Executive Vice-President, and six business line managers:

* Dirk Beeuwsaert, Executive Vice-President in charge of Energy Europe & International

* Jean-Louis Chaussade, Executive Vice-President, CEO of SUEZ Environnement

* Jean-Marie Dauger, Executive Vice-President in charge of Global Gas & LNG

* Jean-Claude Depail, Executive Vice-President in charge of Infrastructures

* Henri Ducré, Executive Vice-President in charge of Energy France

* Jérôme Tolot, Executive Vice-President in charge of Energy Services

Two departments will be created:

* The European and International Relations Department, directed by Denis Simonneau, previously Diplomatic Adviser and International Relations Director, who will report to Gérard Mestrallet.

* The Group Commercial and Marketing Department, directed by Jean-Louis Blanc, previously Development Director, France, who will report to Valérie Bernis.

The Group has also made new appointments:

* Alain Chaigneau, previously Strategy and Sustainable Development Director, has been appointed General Secretary from May 9th.

* Yves de Gaulle, previously General Secretary, has been appointed Project Leader from May 9th, reporting to the Chairman and CEO. The Renewable Energies Department reports to him. He is responsible, on behalf of General Management and the Energy France business line, for preparing for the future developments in the renewable energies field.

* Bruno Bensasson, previously Economics, Price and Market Director in the Strategy and Sustainable Development Department, has been appointed Strategy and Sustainable Development Director from May 9th.

* Christelle Martin, previously Executive Vice-President Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Communications Energy Europe, has been appointed Group Human Resources Director from July 1st 2011.

* From July 1st 2011, Emmanuel van Innis and Philippe Saimpert, previously Director of the Senior Executive Department and HR Director respectively, will be appointed Project Leaders working for the Chairman and CEO.

Moreover, three years after the GDF SUEZ group’s creation, the Integration, Synergies and Performance Department has been reorganized. The performance division, which sponsors the Group’s Efficio project, and the purchasing division directly report to Jean-François Cirelli.

From May 1st, the Executive Committee will also be expanded to include:

* Bruno Bensasson, Strategy and Sustainable Development Director

* Jean-Louis Blanc, Group Commercial and Marketing Director * Claire Brabec-Lagrange, Group Purchasing Director

* Véronique Durand-Charlot, Information Systems Director

* Marc Florette, Research and Innovation Director

* Christelle Martin, Group HR Director, from July 1st * Paul Rorive, Director of Nuclear Activities

* Denis Simonneau, European and International Relations Director.


Source: GDF SUEZ, April 19, 2011;