France: Sercel Launches SeaRay 428 Seabed Acquisition System


Sercel has launched the SeaRay® 428, the latest generation of its SeaRay system, designed to deliver competitive, redeployable 4-C seabed seismic acquisition.

With nine systems in operation worldwide, the current SeaRay system has already become the industry’s system of choice, delivering unrivalled operational benefits and high-quality broadband seismic data. The SeaRay 428 offers enhanced productivity and data quality for Ocean Bottom Cable surveys and addresses growing industry demands for ever larger channel counts and greater layout flexibility.

The SeaRay 428 has three new modular functionalities which extend the SeaRay system’s capabilities. First, while retaining the SeaRay’s key advantage of power supply through the line, the 428 features an innovative in-sea module, the SBLU (Seabed Line Unit), which offers an unequalled 37-km cable length capability and a twofold increase in line data rate to 16Mb/s. Second, coupled with the addition of a long-range optical extender, the SeaRay 428 provides even greater possibilities for line snaking or long-offset recording. Third, the SeaRay 428 can now also integrate unmanned satellite recorders, which offers greater flexibility during deployment and roll-out while ensuring real-time quality control of all system parameters and seismic data.

Pascal Rouiller, CEO, Sercel, said: “I am very confident that the new SeaRay 428 will meet the high demands of today’s and future OBC crews and further strengthen our position as leader in the seabed acquisition market. The SeaRay’s new functionalities are fully compatible with our existing seabed equipment which means that the many customers who have placed their trust in the Sercel SeaRay over recent years will be able to take advantage of these upgrades to achieve enhanced seabed acquisition performance.

About Sercel

Sercel is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of innovative seismic equipment and reservoir monitoring instruments. Sercel provides oil field service companies and geophysical contractors the widest range of leading-edge technologies for exploration in land, marine, ocean bottom, transition zone and reservoir environments.

Employing more than 2000 people worldwide, main Sercel sales offices are located in Houston (USA) and Nantes (France).

Source: CGGVeritas, September 20, 2011;