French Towing Company Backs Fecamp OWF Project

French Towing Company Backs Fecamp OWF Project

On February 9th 2015, the first Seatower gravity based foundation (GBS) for the Fecamp offshore wind farm was successfully installed 15km off the coast of Normandy.

During the course of this project, towage specialist BOLUDA FRANCE provided its expertise, procurement and towage services to contribute to the installation of the very first offshore wind structure in French waters.

Denis Monserand, CEO of BOLUDA FRANCE said: “The installation of the Fecamp met mast represents a milestone in the French offshore wind market. We are proud to have carried out this operation and to be the first towage company to tow a Seatower gravity based foundation.

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“This will undoubtedly affirm our expertise and confirm our ambition on the European offshore wind market.”

Three offshore tugs from BOLUDA FRANCE’s fleet were mobilized. The scope of work was harbour towage, ocean towage, and positioning.

The tugs recovered the towing pennants from the GBS at Le Havre. The convoy managed the critical and sensitive passage of the harbour locks.

Once at sea, all three tugs worked in coordination to minimize the inclination during the tow of the 1800 tons and 50-meter high structure. At the installation site, the convoy hooked the GBS onto pre-laid anchors and then lowered it and smoothly installed within the target box area.

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Images: BOLUDA FRANCE/Jeune Marine