Photo: Courtesy of LNG Croatia

FSRU LNG Croatia receives its 15th cargo

The FSRU vessel LNG Croatia, located on the island of Krk, has received its milestone cargo delivered by Methane Nile Eagle LNG carrier.

FSRU LNG Croatia receives its 15th cargo
Courtesy of LNG Croatia

On 28 October 2021, LNG carrier Methane Nile Eagle arrived at the Krk  LNG terminal infrastructure marking a milestone.

This is the second carrier to arrive in the current gas year. It is also the 15th from the start of operation of the terminal.

LNG Croatia said that cargo transfer operation from LNG carrier to the FSRU vessel LNG Croatia began right after the safety protocols and preparatory works.

Shell-chartered LNG carrier Methane Nile Eagle left the terminal port area on 29 October.

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To remind, Croatia’s Krk LNG terminal began operating commercially at the beginning of 2021. Before that, it commissioned the FSRU and completed overall LNG terminal infrastructure activities in December 2020.

Moreover, Krk LNG has the capacity to send up to 2.6 billion cubic metres per year of natural gas into the national grid.

Its full storage capacity is booked for the next three years, with 84 per cent booked until 2027.