Photo: Fugro's remote operations centre (Courtesy of Fugro)

Fugro opens new remote operations center in Middle East

Fugro has opened a new remote operations centre in Abu Dhabi to facilitate the delivery of remote and autonomous solutions to clients in the Middle East and India region.

A photo of Fugro's remote operations centre (Courtesy of Fugro)
Fugro’s remote operations centre (Courtesy of Fugro)

The new remote operations centre (ROC) in Abu Dhabi is the latest addition to Fugro’s global network of ROCs, which now consists of eight centres operating across all four regions.

By combining the ROC’s capabilities with their new uncrewed surface vessel (USV) operations, Fugro’s teams can perform offshore work from onshore, allowing projects to be delivered faster, more safely and with lower carbon footprints, according to the company.

The opening of the ROC in Abu Dhabi was well timed, as client projects became subject to local travel and personnel restrictions implemented in response to the pandemic.

Fugro is deploying remote solutions in the Middle East to circumvent social distancing measures and allow vital marine site characterisation and asset integrity projects such as rig positioning to stay on schedule.

David Washbrook, Fugro’s Director for Marine Asset Integrity in the Middle East and India, said: “Successfully conducting these remote and autonomous operations from our new ROC in Abu Dhabi is a huge step that is truly advancing marine operations.

“Our remote solutions allow our clients to upgrade working processes that have been the same for decades and, as a result, derisk their projects, improve safety, optimise maintenance programmes and extend operational life of their assets”.