Fugro Studies AAE-1 Subsea Cable Route

Fugro has started a cable route survey for AAE-1, one of the largest submarine cable systems to be constructed in the last decade.

Fugro is providing offshore geophysical and geotechnical operations, charting and reporting to support the design and installation of the telecommunications cable. The work is planned to be completed by summer 2015.

The AAE-1 submarine cable spanning approximately 25,000 km, will be one of the first cable systems connecting Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe and will provide an alternative low latency route between the Far East and Europe, with the Middle East and Africa as key mid-system hubs. Its completion will provide additional protection and diversity to the existing heavily congested cable systems.

AAE-1 will deploy 100Gbps technology with wavelength add/drop branching units along the lowest latency route with design capacity of over 40 terabits. AAE-1 is one of the largest cable systems launched and it’s due to be completed in 2016.

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