Gallery: Wave-driven pumping device on trials at PLOCAN

Norwegian company Tveter Power has started trialing a pumping device driven by wave power at the PLOCAN test site off Canary Islands.

The trials will serve for taking measurements of the pumping capacity of the prototype depending on the height of the predominant wave, along with the assessment of device’s survival capacity.

One of the potential applications of the device would be to provide sea water for coastal desalination plants, without having to use electricity to pump the sea water.

Tveter Power was founded in 2011 with the aim to develop and market renewable energy-driven devices, install and operate desalination plants, and carry out research and development of new technologies based on renewable energies.

The first stage of the project was implemented in 2016 and 2017 on the Atlantic coast of Norway, where a preliminary version of the device underwent several resistance trials.

The project is funded by Innovation Norway through Norwegian company RW Power, according to PLOCAN.

(Photos by PLOCAN)