Gasconsult, Osomo to cooperate on small-scale LNG

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Gasconsult, Osomo to cooperate on small-scale LNG
Illustration purposes only (Image courtesy of Osomo)

UK-based LNG technology and project development company, Gasconsult, signed an agreement with Osomo Projects to pursue small-scale and biogas liquefaction projects with capacities up to 70,000 tons per year.

In September 2016, received patents for its liquefaction technology that eliminates the need for a CO2 removal unit as part of the liquefaction feed gas pre-treatment train, the company said in its statement.

Gasconsult and Osomo believe that a combination of their respective technologies provides a differentiated configuration relative to conventional small-scale liquefaction schemes.

Osomo identified several biogas liquefaction projects in the Netherlands, which the two companies plan to jointly pursue with the objectives to start first commercial demonstration of ZR-LNG or one of its variants.

The two companies intend to eliminate the amine unit and demonstrate the CO2 removal post liquefaction based on the combined Osomo and Gasconsult technologies and ultimately establish up to 10,000 tons per year of profitable bio LNG production capacity for blend use with imported bulk LNG to meet the renewable energy directive objectives established by the European Parliament and Council.

Osomo and Gasconsult are now seeking partners to support the development of the first of these projects and are also seeking a means of delivering their differentiated small-scale technology through geographic technology licensing or acquisition deals.

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