Photo: Courtesy of GasLog

GasLog launches Cheniere-chartered LNG newbuild

Greece-based LNG shipper GasLog reached a new milestone with its fleet expansion program.

GasLog launches Cheniere-chartered LNG newbuild
Courtesy of GasLog

The company noted in a brief statement through its social media channels that the SN2311 was launched at the Samsung Heavy Industries Shipyard in South Korea.

The vessel, to be named GasLog Wellington, will feature X-DF low-pressure, two-stroke main engines, and GTT Mark III Flex Plus cargo containment systems.

It will also be capable of transporting 180,000 cubic meters of the chilled fuel.

GasLog added that the delivery of GasLog Wellington is scheduled for June 15, 2021.

Following delivery, the vessel will be chartered to Cheniere Energy.

In December 2018, GasLog firmed up charter deals with Cheniere Energy for two 180,000 cubic meter LNG carriers, namely the SN2311 and SN2312.

The vessels are chartered for a firm period of seven years.