Gasnor to supply LNG to Ulvan Rederi’s newbuilt Oddrun With

Gasnor to supply LNG to Ulvan Rederi’s newbuild

Norwegian natural gas supplier Gasnor has signed a 5-year agreement to supply LNG to Oddrun With, Ulvan Rederi’s new hybrid vessel.

Courtesy of Gasnor
Gasnor to supply LNG to Ulvan Rederi’s newbuilt
Courtesy of Gasnor

Ulvan Rederi is building Oddrun With, a multi-purpose cargo vessel with a hybrid propulsion system that includes LNG engines and battery. The vessel is set to carry out operations for the aquaculture industry and general freight in Norway, from Tromsø to Moss.

The ship is being constructed at the Tersan shipyard in Turkey, with planned delivery in May 2021.

It is equipped with a 350 cubic metres LNG tank. It will primarily be bunkered on Møhlenpriskaien every 14 days by Gasnor’s bunkering vessels.

This is Ulvan Rederi’s largest single investment and a part of the green shipping program.

The focus was to design a propulsion system to provide the lowest possible emissions and optimize energy consumption. The battery pack will have sufficient capacity to operate the vessel fully electrically. The vessel will also use cold from LNG to cool the freezer compartments for fish storage.