Gazprom Conducts SIRE Inspection on LNG Tanker ‘Lena River’

First Ever SIRE Inspection Conducted by Gazprom Group

LNG tanker ‘Lena River’ underwent an inspection by an inspector of Gazprom Global LNG (GGLNG) under the Oil Companies International Marine Forum’s (OCIMF) Ship Inspection Report Programme (SIRE).

It was the first ever SIRE inspection conducted by the Gazprom Group.

SIRE is an inspection risk assessment tool that was launched by OCIMF in 1993. It has been widely adopted by all oil and gas majors shipping their cargoes by sea, as well as tanker owners, operators and charterers, terminal operators and government bodies concerned with ship safety. A SIRE inspection is widely recognised as a benchmark for satisfactory tanker quality and ship safety standards and has become increasingly common as the oil and gas industry continues its drive for safer ships and cleaner seas.

The GM&T’s Technical & Marine Assurance Department now offers the inspection service on a worldwide basis to any interested ship operator wishing to have its vessels inspected in the name of Gazprom. Two other ships – an LNG vessel and an oil tanker – are already scheduled to undergo a Gazprom SIRE inspection before the end of the year.

Mr Nikolai Grigoriev, Managing Director of Shipping & Logistics said: “We are very pleased to have successfully completed the first SIRE inspection on behalf of Gazprom Group. I would like to acknowledge the leading role of GM&T’s Technical & Marine Assurance Department in this accomplishment. This action is emblematic of Gazprom’s and GM&T’s commitment to maintaining safety at sea and reflective of our on-going work, in co-operation with other oil and gas majors, in the development of and compliance with the international standards of marine operations.”

Gazprom, November 28, 2013