Gazprom Neft Shelf Publishes Plan for Prirazlomnaya Oil Spill Prevention and Response

Gazprom Neft Shelf Publishes Plan on Oil Spill Prevention and Response

“Gazprom Neft Shelf” LLC has published on its site the Summary Plan on prevention of spill incidents and oil spill response in the operating responsibility zone of Prirazlomnaya Offshore Ice-Resistant Fixed Platform (OIRFP).

The document reflects basic provisions of prompt response system and of interaction mechanism between the operator company, outside organizations and governmental bodies in case of oil spills, and it is available to all parties concerned. Its structure and content are fully in line with the concept of all-the-year-round response to oil spills in the Arctic region.

The plan is worked out by the specialised organization – Central Scientific Research and Design Institute of Marine Fleet (CSRIMF), agreed by Federal Marine and River Transport Agency of the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and is approved by the Russian Ministry of Emergencies.

A number of engineering solutions are used to prevent risks of oil spills during well construction and OIRFO operation. According to “zero discharge» principle the used mud fluid, drilling cuttings and other process waste are injected in a special absorption well. The equipment, installed in the wells, is to prevent oil or gas blowout in the environment.

The Platform oil storage system provides for “wet method” of keeping raw materials in tanks. This ensures additional safety of the facility, as it prevents oxygen entry in tanks and formation of explosive environment.

The offloading system for oil pumping to a tanker is equipped with emergency shut-down and closure system. The Platform is reliably held on the sea bottom due to its weight and is protected from scour by rock rubble berm. After the Platform is installed it has actually became an artificial island.

Near the Platform two multifunctional icebreaking vessels: “Vladislav Strizhov” and “Yury Topchev” are on permanent emergence duty. The vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art complexes of the emergency oil-gathering equipment. In addition, ashore, near Varandey settlement the oil spill response equipment is located, which allows to protect coastline.

The new version of the Plan envisages the enhancement of response forces and means due to acquisition of additional equipment, capable to operate both in the open water and under ice conditions. One also takes into account the possibility of engaging the resources of “Lukoil”, that operates at Varandey, near the Prirazlomnoe oil field.

Prirazlomnaya OIRFP is designed and built specifically for operation under Arctic conditions. In 2011 the Platform was installed on the Prirazlomnoe oil field, which will become the first Russian Arctic field to be brought on stream. Currently the Platform sees start-up and commissioning of the drilling complex under load, which makes it possible to commence production in several months.


Press Release, August 26, 2013