Glenfarne’s Hydrogen Fuels Initiative to boost energy transition

Glenfarne Energy Transition, a wholly owned subsidiary of Glenfarne Group, has launched Glenfarne Hydrogen Fuels Initiative, which aims to produce sustainable, zero-carbon hydrogen-based fuels.

Illustration only / Courtesy of Glenfarne Energy Transition

The initiative includes projects in Chile, Texas, and Louisiana, which together are expected to produce approximately 1,500 kilotonnes of ammonia.

In conjunction with its liquefied natural gas (LNG) business, Glenfarne said it will continue to support its clients, customers, and partners in Asia, Europe, and the Americas in the energy transition.

Brendan Duval, CEO and Founder of Glenfarne Group and Glenfarne Energy Transition, commented: “Our 700-strong Glenfarne Energy Transition team has been fielding an increasing volume of inquiries from our customers and business partners to collaborate on hydrogen-based fuels.”

“Glenfarne is engaged with several LNG stakeholders to help them use LNG as a long-term bridge to their domestic carbon targets, which ultimately includes the transition to hydrogen-based fuels. Our LNG customers will have preferential access to secure these hydrogen-based fuels from our projects.”

“Glenfarne’s Hydrogen Fuels Initiative will be transformational to how LNG customers and European and Asian governments will view gas imports. Alongside our LNG platform, we will be uniquely able to offer more definitive solutions for green-ready hydrogen infrastructure buildout and support their future demand for green hydrogen-based fuels.”

To note, besides its hydrogen-based fuel projects, Glenfarne’s existing assets include stability power plants, LNG export projects (Texas LNG and Magnolia LNG), and others.

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