Photo: Illustration; Courtesy of Global Maritime Services

Global Maritime Services offers FSRU and LNG marine advisory service

UK-based maritime service provider Global Maritime Services has launched a marine advisory service for floating storage and regasification unit (FSRUs) and liquified natural gas (LNG) sector ventures.

Global Maritime Services offers FSRU and LNG marine advisory service
Illustration; Courtesy of Global Maritime Services

Global Maritime Services (GMS) is a service provider for the LNG/FSRU industry.  Its expertise includes LNG transport and FSRU import terminals, marine operations and assurance, vessel operation management, etc.

On 19 August, GMS announced the launch of its new Marine Department, a marine advisory service for the offshore oil and gas sector.  According to the company, its customers will be able to take advantage of its expertise to secure their FSRUs and LNG sector ventures.

The European Commission’s RePowerEU initiative recommends the diversification of gas supplies from other international partners in case of a disruption of Russian gas supplies in the near future. Energy providers are keen to find natural gas solutions that can swiftly fulfill the demand for power generation.

This is where FSRUs come into the picture, as they are an accelerated LNG import solution. Building shore-based LNG import terminals can take years, whereas FSRUs are fully operational within months. Compared to onshore LNG terminals, FSRUs also require relatively low investment to start operations. Ultimately, FSRUs provide new entrants into the LNG import market with a fast-track solution to cater to their energy needs.

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GMS director Igor Tončić said: “This is truly a challenging time to be involved in the regasification and LNG import domain. Due to the regional energy supply insecurity, there is an increase in requests for FSRUs, new and converted, and each energy solution comes with its own unique set of advantages and challenges.”

“Not one FSRU project is like another and the pathway to a successful FSRU project involves a complex mix of factors–from satisfying regulatory requirements for swift approvals to identifying risks in the commissioning or start-up phases,” addedTončić.

According to GMS, its Marine Advisory Team can also provide support for a wide range of inspections; from the management system and environmental system audits, assistance with port-state control inspections, vetting and tanker management, and self-assessment inspections, to navigation, safety, cargo, and mooring equipment audits.

The ten-person team includes a Marine Regulatory advisor with insight into the latest regulations and legislation affecting the maritime sector.