Groot Ship Design Signs Unique Contract in Malaysia

Groot Ship Design Signs Unique Contract In Malaysia

Yesterday at Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) a unique contract was signed between Groot Ship Design from Leek (the Netherlands), Sundong shipyard (Korea) and owner PBHH/BH livestock Vessel SDN BHD (Malaysia) for the design and delivery of two types of livestock carriers. Of each type the Korean yard will build 5 vessels for PBHH/BH Livestock.

Sungdong requested Groot Ship Design to deliver the design for each type because of the knowledge and experience in livestock carriers and the innovating bow design of the Groot Cross-Bow©. For Groot Ship Design this is the biggest design order so far since the company started at the end of 2005.

The future owner of the ships, the Malaysian company PBHH (Pembangunan Buka Jijau Holdings Sdn. Bhd) organized an impressive event with a signing ceremony that took place at the Royal Culan in Kuala Lumpur. In the presence of members of the government of Malaysia, several other VIP’s and high level representatives from the food and shipping industry the contracts were signed between BPHH/BH live stock and Sungdong (shipbuilding contracts), Sungdong and Groot Ship Design (design and engineering contracts), Sungdong and bureau Veritas (classification contract). For Groot Ship Design mr B. Groot (owner) and mr J.W. Cuperus (managing director) attend the ceremony. Ambassador for The Netherlands in Malaysia, mr P.J.J. Bekkers, attended the ceremony as well to underline the importance of this contract for this Dutch company.

For PBHH this is an important step forward into the world market for live animal transportation with special attention for the welfare of the animals. PBHH is a major player in the production of halal food, the new fleet of livestock carriers will further strengthen its position in that market. For Groot Ship Design this is a new milestone with regards to further internationalisation (after Europe, China, and India, now Korea) and the size of the designs. The largest of the two designs, the livestock carrier 11000, is with respect to the main dimension, so far now, the largest ship designed by Groot Ship Design.

Groot Ship Design made for the Korean shipyard Sundong two concept designs, a design for the transport of 7000 cows (Livestock carrier 7000) and a design for the transport of 11000 cows (Livestock carrier 11000). These designs are to be further completed in the coming months. Groot Ship Design shall also provide a large part of the basic engineering for the Korean shipyard. Of each design 5 ships will be built (10 ships in total). Livestock is shipped from Sudan to Malaysia and as return cargo frozen chicken will be carried, each ship will therefore load 100pcs of 40ft reefer containers. Remarkable is that a Korean shipyard contracts a Dutch design office for the delivery of designs for new cargo ships. Groot Ship Design is honoured to receive this great order which will offer work to 20-25 specialists and designers for the rest of the remaining year. Sundong is the no 5 shipyard of Korea with approx 8500 employees and one the most modern shipyards of its kind.

For the dimensions and impression of both designs the company refers to the attached datasheets. The number of ships with a Groot Cross-Bow©, including this order of 10, comes to a total of 26. This number shows the confidence of the markets in Groot Ship Design and the concept of the Groot Cross-Bow©.

Source: GrootShipDesign, May 16, 2012