GT Green Technologies wind propulsion

GT Green Technologies, PEI TECH LLC join hands on wind propulsion tech

UK-based wind propulsion expert GT Green Technologies has teamed up with PEI TECH LLC, a marine industry company from Texas, to work on advanced wind propulsion technology.

GT Green Technologies wind propulsion
Source: GT Green Technologies

GT Green Technologies has developed a wingsail that incorporates novel air-flow technology, which provides an ‘unparalleled amount of thrust per unit size’, while maintaining a low stowage profile when not in use. The technology is patent-pending, based on the company’s website.

The technology promises to save operators between 10 to 30 percent in fuel consumption for retrofitted ships and up to 50 percent for newbuilds. The devices are modular and retrofittable above deck.

We are pleased to be working closely with PEI upon bringing this technology to the marketplace,” said George Thompson, GT Green Technologies CEO.

“Wind propulsion solutions provide both significant fuel saving benefits and carbon emission reductions to vessels at a time when fuel costs are high. It will also provide solutions to maintain compliance under upcoming IMO regulations that are critically needed.”

“As a team, we can deliver reliable and high-performing wingsail technology to offer shipowners a viable solution that is both highly efficient and un-impactful on cargo operations.”

Steven Putnam, PEI TECH LLC managing director, said the partnership strengthens the fuel-saving options they provide. Specifically, the company provides Aderco fuel additives, NSI bunker brokering services, to the global maritime, cruise, offshore oil and gas, and government services industries.

“As the maritime industry moves towards a greener future, we are pleased to move into the wind propulsion sector as part of the GT Green Technologies team,” Putnam said.

“In combining our sustainable fuel treatment and global biofuel bunkering technologies along with wind propulsion, PEI is now able to provide a complete hybrid solution to our global maritime clientele for transitioning to meet new standards as the industry pushes to lower emission standards on the path to a zero-carbon future.”

Wind propulsion technology is gaining ground as a viable solution in the shipping industry’s mission to cut its emissions. The technology is getting considerable attention in the context of meeting the EEXI requirements that will enter into force in 2023 for existing ships as a way of improving engine and propulsion performance.