Photo: Courtesy of GTT

GTT and CCS to collaborate on China’s LNG vessels

French LNG containment specialist GTT has teamed up with China Classification Society (CCS) for the application of its membrane technology on LNG vessels and storage tanks.

GTT and CCS to collaborate on China's LNG vessels
Courtesy of GTT

The parties signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on technical cooperation for the application of GTT membrane technology.

Namely, they will cooperate on the design of China’s LNG inland waterway transportation, small to large LNG carriers, LNG-fuelled vessels, and onshore LNG storage tanks.

CCS will additionally perform in-depth technical analysis. This includes technical plan approval of the cargo containment system and risk assessment.

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GTt reports they will share some of the findings during Marintec 2021 exhibition in Shanghai.

The parties also discussed the current LNG market and energy development in Chinese and international areas. In conclusion, they will consider the low-carbon emission reduction of the shipping industry in the future.