Halliburton adds another well technology development to its arsenal

Halliburton adds another well technology development to its arsenal

U.S. oilfield services giant Halliburton has installed a downhole electro-hydraulic wet-connect in deepwater for Brazil’s giant Petrobras, which is seen as “a significant achievement” in downhole electric completion technology. 

Illustration; Source: Halliburton

While announcing the installation, Halliburton described it as “the industry’s first single trip, electro-hydraulic wet connect in deepwater,” and highlighted that the Fuzion EH electro-hydraulic downhole wet-mate connector would help increase well recovery factors by maintaining the integrity of the SmartWell completion systems throughout the well’s lifecycle.

Mark Dawson, vice president of Halliburton Completion Technology, commented: “The Fuzion-EH connector is the first step in the fully electric intelligent completion journey and is a product of collaborative development with Petrobras and Shell. This achievement paves the way for us to give customers the autonomous capability to control and manage reservoirs across their wells and assets.”

Furthermore, the Fuzion-EH connector is expected to help facilitate safer and simpler intervention operations and avoid potential formation damage because of workover operations. The oilfield services giant plans a future version of a dual trip system Fuzion-EH connector for qualification and implementation by Petrobras in 2023. This system will provide “additional benefits” in SmartWell system installations while “maintaining the benefits of the single trip system,” outlines Halliburton.

Olivier Wambersie, general manager Brazil Technology, Shell, remarked: “This significant well technology development marks the first single trip, multiple zones, open hole completion. It was a remarkable example of teamwork, partnership and technical collaboration between operators and Halliburton in the Brazilian ecosystem. This technology’s first application was enabled using the ANP Levy.”

Halliburton has pioneered the development and deployment of SmartWell system technology for 25 years by installing almost 1,400 SmartWell systems globally and over 100 in Brazil, providing its customers with control over 3,000 zonal intervals.

Regarding Halliburton’s other recent activities, it is worth noting that the U.S. player is one of the companies that inked corporate procurement agreements (CPAs) with Aramco earlier this month.

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These deals are part of the Aramco in-Kingdom Total Value Add (iktva) programme.