Hann-Ocean achieves wave energy breakthrough

Singapore-based developer Hann-Ocean Energy has increased the power capacity of its Drakoo wave energy device by 50% through the implementation of control system improvements.

On March 8, 2018, the Hann-Ocean team increased the power capacity of the Drakoo control system from 10kWp to 15kWp following the successful calibration, the company informed.

The Drakoo wave energy converter (WEC) is a twin-chamber oscillating water column system that works by transforming waves into a continuous water flow which drives a hydro turbine generator to produce electricity.

“A 50% rise of power capacity means that the costs of capacity of Drakoo is reduced significantly by 32%, and that the unit cost of the electricity generated by the Drakoo wave energy is much more competitive towards other renewables,” Hann-Ocean said.

Having implemented an additional maximum power point tracker (MPPT) charge controller, used to convert a higher voltage DC output down to the lower voltage needed to charge batteries, all three 5kWp-MPPTs worked together in series to provide the achieved electrical peak power at the same time.

In mid-March, Hann-Ocean’s Drakoo WEC achieved a peak power of 11.2kW during water flume tests, breaking its own record of 9.3kW set in November 2017.

A total electrical load of 11.22kW rated power has been added and driven during Drakoo tests. The load bank consisting of LED lights, light bulbs, and industrial fans was completely powered by the Drakoo WEC, the company said.

Hann-Ocean added the new record was achieved 3.5 months ahead of the original schedule.