Harper Government Works on World-Class Tanker Safety System

Harper Government Works on World-Class Tanker Safety System

The Harper government today announced a number of measures toward the creation of a World-Class Tanker Safety System. The implementation of eight tanker safety measures was announced along with the introduction of the Safeguarding Canada’s Seas and Skies Act, and the creation of a Tanker Safety Expert Panel to review Canada’s current tanker safety system and propose further measures to strengthen it.

The announcement was made by the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities and the Honourable Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources.

“Our government is working to strengthen the safety of Canadians and better protect the environment,” said Minister Lebel. “I am pleased to announce the first steps towards the development of a World-Class Tanker Safety System off the West and East coasts of Canada.

“While our current tanker safety system has served us well for many years, it is essential that we strengthen it to meet future needs, as the transportation of Canadian exports is expected to grow and create many high-quality jobs in Canada.”

“As a trading nation, Canada depends on marine shipping for economic growth, jobs and long-term prosperity,” said Minister Oliver. “There will be no pipeline development without rigorous environmental protection measures and the tanker safety initiatives we are announcing today are an important aspect of our plan for Responsible Resource Development.”

As part of its plan to create a World-Class Tanker Safety System, the government will, in the weeks and months ahead, work and engage with Aboriginal communities.

The Tanker Safety Expert Panel will review Canada’s current system and propose further measures to strengthen it. In the coming months, the panel will consult with key stakeholders to enhance the government’s knowledge and understanding of how well the current system is working, review our current preparedness and response capacity, and propose new ways to bring Canada’s tanker safety system to a world-class status.

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Press Release, March 19, 2013