Havyard hopes to bolster business with R&D project

Norwegian ship technology company Havyard has chosen Kristian Steinsvik to steer the company’s new research and development initiative.

Steinsvik will be responsible for the direction and structure of the development work and will contribute his expertise in various projects. He has a master’s in engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with hydrodynamics as his field of expertise.

He has worked as a researcher in Marintek, which is now part of SINTEF, and as an engineer in Det Norske Veritas where he was also involved in research work. He is now looking forward to boosting Havyard’s R&D activities by coordinating the Group’s development work.

Believing this new initiative will have several benefits, Steinsvik commented: “The fact that several business areas and disciplines are coming together to exchange knowledge and ideas will have an effect in itself. We will continue with the projects that we are ready to start on already now. And we will also take steps to ensure a more long-term perspective in this work.”

“We also need to look at our services and tools – for example creating a calculation tool that will enable us to work much faster, or developing services internally that we have previously had to hire from external suppliers.

“Several long-term projects are already under way. To mention just a few examples, Havyard Design & Solutions has developed design concepts in new segments, a new bow and stern concept, and a complete simulator for the ships we develop. Now we will gather the knowledge in the Group, draw on each other’s expertise and help to ensure further growth and development.”

CEO Geir Johan Bakke says: “There are certain threats in the current market situation, but there are also opportunities. We are now gathering our development work in one group, which will free up resources for innovation and fresh ideas.”



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