Heerema awards knuckle boom crane contract to Kenz Cranes

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Kenz Cranes, a Dutch company specializing in offshore lifting and hoisting solutions, has been awarded a contract for the design and production of two knuckle boom cranes for Heerema Marine Contractors’ deepwater construction vessel (DCV).

Kenz Cranes said on Monday that the contract entails replacement of the current knuckle boom cranes on the deepwater construction vessel Aegir.

The company said it will design a 200 tonnes active heave compensated knuckle boom crane with a deepwater winch suitable for 3300 meters water depth and an outreach of 50 meters. The other knuckle boom is a 50 tonnes crane with an outreach of 42 meters.

The deepwater construction vessel Aegir was christened during a festive ceremony in September 2013. The Aegir is capable of executing complex infrastructure and pipeline projects in ultra-deep water and has sufficient lifting capacity to install fixed platforms in relatively shallow water.

The vessel has two ROV work class systems, launchable from ROV hangars at starboard and port side and two launch and recovery systems (LARS) inside the ROV hangars suitable for 3500 m water depth. The 210m-long DP 3 vessel is powered by six diesel generators with a total power of 48 MW.

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