Höegh Autoliners’ first LNG-powered Aurora-class PCTC hits the water in China

Norway-based shipping company Höegh Autoliners has revealed that its first LNG-powered Aurora-class PCTC was floated out of the drydock in China.

Höegh Autoliners

As informed, the first of twelve Aurora-class vessels touched water for the first time at China Merchants Heavy Industry (CMHI) in Jiangsu this weekend. The rest of the construction of this deep-sea vessel will be done while secured at the yard’s pier, according to the shipper. The vessel is scheduled for delivery this summer.

In January 2022, Höegh Autoliners entered into a contract with China Merchants Heavy Industry for four fixed and eight optional multi-fuel and zero-carbon ready Aurora-class vessels.

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 the Aurora class is designed to transport the cargo of the future. The vessel’s strengthened decks and enhanced internal ramp systems enable electric vehicles on all decks and provide more flexibility for heavier project cargo.

The vessel’s multi-fuel engine can run on marine gas oil (MGO) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). With modifications, the vessel can transition to use future zero-carbon fuels including ammonia or methanol.  

Together with the capacity to carry up to 9,100 cars, the Aurora class will be “the world’s largest and most environmentally friendly” car carrier, according to the company.

Last month, the Norwegian shipowner signed a new contract with a major East Asian car producer to transport cars, predominantly electric vehicles (EVs), from Asia to Europe.

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