HR Wallingford to Organize the Protections 2018 Conference

HR Wallingford has announced that the 3rd International Conference on Protection against Overtopping – the Protections 2018 – is set to take place from 6-8 June at the Lake District National Park.

The increasing demand for dam, levee and seawall safety and flood protection has prompted new research and advancements, and a greater need for cost-effective measures in overtopping protection as a solution for overtopping concerns at levees, dams and seawalls.

This conference will bring together the experts from practice, research, development, and implementation for two days of knowledge exchange followed by a technical tour of the Lake District including visits to some of local dams.

The conference will focus on:

  • Critical issues related to levees, dams and seawalls;
  • New developments and advanced tools;
  • Overtopping protection systems;
  • Overtopping simulators / test facilities;
  • Overtopping failure mechanisms;
  • System design and performance;
  • Applications and innovative solutions;
  • Case histories of overtopping events;
  • Physical modelling techniques and recent studies;
  • Numerical modelling methods.