Atlantic Marine wants to dredge for offshore oil rig work

Project Updates – September 12, 2008

The Business Reporter says Atlantic Marine shipyard in the US plans to overhaul several existing piers at its Pinto Island shipyard on the Mobile River’s east bank to create a deepwater berth to dock oil rigs.

According to a notice from the US Army Corps of Engineers, the company wants to dredge two of is northernmost berths, install a new bulkhead facing those berths, fill some water and replace its existing Pier F with two pipe mooring structures connected to shore by a 200ft walkway. One berth would be dredged to a depth of 55 feet.

Walter Meigs, general counsel for Atlantic Marine, said Pier F had already been demolished. Its neighbour to the south, Pier G, was overhauled earlier.

Herschel Vinyard, vice president of Atlantic Marine Holding Co, said the work is targeted to begin late this year or in early 2009.