Endeavour at work for BG

Seismic group Wavefield Inseis has taken delivery of its latest vessel Geowave Endeavour which has already started work for BG Norge offshore Norway.

Wavefield has taken the new seismic ship on a seven-year charter from Volstad Marine and began its first contract with BG Norge on 28 July.

Yesterday (6 August) the Endeavour was towing 10 streamers with a 6 km (3.75 mile) length for the first survey contract for BG, but has capacity to tow up to 16-streamers. It also carries eight seismic source gun strings.

Survey work for BG is due to complete in September and then the vessel is due to mobilise to Libya for a survey there which will carry through until the end of 2009.

“Our new flagship [vessel] was delivered and taken into production as scheduled, in time to fulfil our client’s need for data acquisition in the North Sea this season,” said Wavefield chief executive Atle Jacobsen.