MCS steps up for Volund

Subsea specialist MCS has landed a contract from Acergy to carry out work on Marathon’s Volund field offshore Norway.

MCS will perform detailed upheaval buckling analysis of a water injection flowline in the Volund Field at a depth of 120 metres.

MCS said the project involves analysing a 12km water injection flexible flowline routed from a Choke and Metering Skid, adjacent to the Alvheim East Riser Base to the water injection wellhead at the Volund field in water depths of 120 metres.

The analysis will be completed using Flexcom, MCS’ own software tool used by major oil companies, contractor, equipment manufacturers and engineering consultants to design and analyse riser systems and other critical subsea structures.

MCS said the Flexcom technology will determine trench, backfill and rock requirements to prevent upheaval buckling of the flowline.