Smit: Preparations being finalised for

Salvors from SMIT Salvage hope to commence with the cargo removal operation with respect to the grounded container ship Safmarine Agulhas later today. The vessel ran aground shortly after exiting the Port of East London on the night of Monday 26th June and is carrying 469 loaded containers containing varied cargo and 112 empty containers. A 400 tonne crane arrived in East London yesterday and once the crane is erected on the breakwater the cargo removal operation will commence. This operation entails the removal by crane of the deck cargo (containerised) and its transportation to a secure area inside the Port of East London. The crane is capable of lifting some 33 tonnes at the required reach – sufficient to work the cargo from the ship to the breakwater. The cargo removal operation is reliant on good weather and sea conditions and will only continue whilst it is deemed safe to do so, with the safety of members of the salvage team at sea and ashore remaining a top priority.