Hudson River Community Advisory Group to Meet on November 8

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The next meeting of the Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site Community Advisory Group (CAG) will take place on November 8 at the Saratoga Town Hall in Schuylerville, NY, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) informs. 

Various technical evaluations and project activities are currently ongoing and EPA will provide an overall update on status of various project activities including:

  • Ongoing technical evaluation and collaboration with NYSDEC on GE2016/NYSDEC2017 surface sediment data;
  • Second Five-Year Review and Certification of the Remedial Action;
  • Long-term monitoring activities (water, fish, sediment and caps);
  • Habitat monitoring including ongoing discussion related to comments provided by NYSDEC;
  • Coordination, data/studies collection and supplemental studies scoping of the Lower Hudson;
  • Floodplain Comprehensive Study.

Brief Updates and CAG Business will include:

  • Brief update on recent materials released by Natural Resources Damages Assessment (NRD) Trustees;
  • Brief update from New York State Canal Corps (NYSCC) on Navigational Dredging of the Champlain Canal;
  • Opportunity for brief updates from participants;
  • Upcoming dates & meeting topics.