IADC: New Issue of Terra et Aqua

New Issue of Terra et Aqua

The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) has announced the latest edition of Terra et Aqua.

People in the dredging industry specialise in thinking “out of the box”. So it should be no surprise (although it sometimes is) that the dredging industry attracts people with a broad range of engineering skills, practical hands-on experience and imagination.

As Max Radermacher writes in “The Art of Screening: Effectiveness of Silt Screens,” “…dredging contractors have gained extensive experience in the realisation of marine infrastructure projects in environmentally sensitive areas and in related monitoring…”.

Major dredging projects can be daunting – especially when it’s the first time out for a client. The research and decision-making that occur before the first dredging vessel is deployed can take years and cost millions of euros.

Where does the role of the dredging company start? When the client is ready to drill the first borehole? Or perhaps earlier? How much earlier? Erik Mink’s article on European Union regulations demonstrates how strict the legal restraints can be, setting a high bar to protect competition and limit favouritism,” IADC announced.

These articles in the most recent issue of Terra et Aqua illustrate the extensive knowledge embedded in the dredging industry. Contractors are prepared to share this knowledge. To understand how two seemingly diametrically opposed demands – free competition and sharing knowledge – can be reconciled, IADC is organising a Forum on Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) in Kuala Lumpur on November 14-15.

As the Forum will make clear, involving contractor’s early on is a system strategy that will profit clients and consultants literally and figuratively.

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Press Release, September 24, 2013