IADC Reveals Second Nomination for the Safety Award 2019

In the coming weeks, IADC will publish fourteen nominations in the running to receive the Safety Award 2019 on its website and social media.

Today, IADC announced the second nomination – CSpect’s state-of-the-art drones help Jan De Nul safely inspect inaccessible spaces.

CSpect’s flying robot is making inspections by rope access, scaffolding and cherry pickers obsolete.

As Jan De Nul has witnessed, the CSpect drone is an intuitive, reliable and precise indoor inspection tool that reduces the number of personnel needed and alleviates the administrative burden associated with inspections.

By eliminating the human interface, operations with practically zero risk can be achieved. Using CSpect’s drones, Jan De Nul has kept their workforce out of harm’s way while reducing downtime and inspection costs.

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