IADC Secretary to Speak at PIANC Congress

IADC Secretary to Speak at PIANC Congress

International Association of Dredging Companies’s Secretary General René Kolman will give a presentation on how Early Contractor Involvement improves complex projects at the PIANC (World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure) Congress.

The 2014 PIANC World Congress will be held June 1-5, 2014, in San Francisco, California.

The preparatory work for large infrastructure projects often consumes an extraordinary amount of time, money and human resources and is not particularly cost-effective. Some of this inefficiency is caused by traditional procurement methods which bring contractors into the process after many key decisions have been made.

Often clients and consultants make design decisions with insufficient information and knowhow as to the available technology, equipment and potential innovative solutions. The contractors may be challenged because of insufficient knowledge of the physical conditions at the project site.

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) provides an efficient means of designing and planning infrastructure projects in a cost-effective, more efficient and less adversarial structure.

Using ECI with a properly executed contract that reflects a relationship able to deal with project risks should increase transparency and therefore reduce risks, increase shared responsibilities and limit the reasons for disputes.


Dredging Today Staff, April 23, 2014