IHC Merwede to Exhibit at Europort 2013 (The Netherlands)

IHC Merwede to Exhibit at Europort 2013 (The Netherlands)

As a global market leader for efficient dredging and mining vessels and equipment, and a reliable supplier of innovative ships and supplies for offshore construction, IHC Merwede will be among the leading exhibitors at Europort 2013. The maritime exhibition takes place on 5-8 November at Ahoy Rotterdam in The Netherlands to focus on all areas of the shipbuilding industry, and attracts more than 1,000 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors.

This year, IHC Merwede will take its place at stand 1314 to showcase innovative vessels, advanced equipment and life-cycle support for the dredging, mining and offshore markets. The theme of the exhibition is “Pioneers in marine technology” and IHC Merwede is embracing this concept to focus on the development of innovative technology that will help to preserve the planet.

A number of impressive scale models will showcase the wide range of vessels engineered and manufactured by the company. In the offshore sector, the 550-tonne pipelaying vessel SAPURA DIAMANTE will take centre stage. This impressive ship is the first fully integrated product supplied by one company, with all of the key functional equipment being developed and built exclusively in-house by IHC Merwede. In addition, a custom-built diving support vessel specially designed to operate in tough conditions, the SEVEN ATLANTIC, will be shown.

The “Green route” at Europort 2013 features the complete and intelligent electrical systems offered by IHC Drives & Automation to acknowledge its position at the forefront of sustainable technology. In cooperation with specialists from within the entire IHC Merwede organisation, it has developed energy recuperation solutions that help to reduce operating costs and the carbon footprint of offshore vessels.

Other exhibits will show: IHC Motion Control’s 3D model of an integrated Active Heave Compensation system (an example of the recent order from ZPMC) that will be designed, built and supplied as a reliable solution for the deep-water subsea installation of heavy modules in dynamic sea states; and IHC Sealing Solutions’ SUPREME Athmos™, a new zero-pollution seal that enables ships – with limited draught up to approximately five metres – to prevent oil from being emitted into the environment.

IHC Merwede will also display its first backhoe dredger, the ALBERTO ALEMÁN ZUBIETA. She has been designed and built using the latest technological developments for the expansion and maintenance of the Panama Canal.

Other featured dredging vessels will include: the ATHENA, one of world’s most powerful self-propelled cutter suction dredgers, which has been designed specifically to optimise the efficiency of production; and the IHC Beaver® 65 DDSP, the latest in a long line of IHC Beaver® standard cutter suction dredgers that includes innovations and technologies to make it even more reliable, efficient and productive.

Visitors can learn about the complete dredging and dumping process by trying out IHC Merwede’s excavator simulator. This covers the experience of cutting forces, the interaction between bucket and soil, and the influence of tide, current, waves and weather.

Furthermore, a range of dredging equipment developed by IHC Parts & Services will be displayed, including: the actual Lancelot® cutterhead, which guarantees a higher output in loose soil types and medium- to hard-packed sand; the BoneCrusher® suction/discharge hose with its innovatively shaped steel rings to enhance durability; and the company’s most advanced developments in pumps, namely the Curve®, Jet-pump Special and Quazar® pump casing.

Europort 2013 will once again feature a series of Advanced Technology Conferences, in which leading market players will present innovative showcases about advanced technology used to build the world’s most sophisticated ships. IHC Offshore will be one of the major contributors as it makes three presentations: “Delivering the technology to Brazil” on 6 November at 10.45am; “New winch concept for deep-sea installation with fibre rope” on 7 November at 12.20pm; and “Integrated deep-sea diving solutions” on 8 November at 11.20am.

IHC Merwede will also be one of the main participants in the special one-day CEDA Dredging Forum titled, “Dredging in a Changing World”. This premier technical event will consist of two sessions: “Working under exotic circumstances”; and “Large marine infrastructure projects and the EU Habitats Directive: lessons learned”.

“Europort 2013 is an important event on IHC Merwede’s calendar,” says IHC Merwede’s COO Bram Roelse. “Not only is the exhibition held close to our Dutch shipyards, but it also encompasses all of our business activities in the world of IHC Merwede. This year’s pioneering theme highlights the importance of the technology innovator by demonstrating our vast experience and expertise as a global player in the dredging, mining and offshore markets.”


Press Release, October 29, 2013