Image of the day: ISWEC ready for deployment

ISWEC wave energy device at Mazara del Vallo, Sicily
ISWEC wave energy device at Mazara del Vallo, Sicily

Wave for Energy’s ISWEC wave energy device is ready for the August deployment off Sicily, Italy.

After delaying the deployment of the device several times due to unsuitable weather conditions, Wave for Energy, a Turin-based wave energy developer, plans to deploy the device on August 1, 2015.

Paolo Gherra, Project Manager at Wave for Energy, said for Tidal Energy Today: “The deployment is re-scheduled for the first of August. I hope it’ll be the last rescheduling.”

The device will be deployed off Pantelleria island, Sicily, and the energy produced from the device will be donated to the municipality of Pantelleria, following the approval to connect it to the island’s grid expected to be granted in October.

The company plans to keep the device deployed for 5 years, with the intention of adding another device next year in order to form an array.

ISWEC device is designed as a sealed hull that uses a gyroscopic system to exploit wave’s slopes to produce energy.

The system works when the hull oscillations caused by the movement of waves induce the rotation of the gyroscope platform. The rotation is then converted to electricity by the power generator.

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Image: Wave for Energy