Imperial Orders Two Multi-Gas Carriers

Duisburg-headquartered logistics and shipping company Imperial Logistics International has ordered two new 2,850 cbm multi-gas carriers from the Dutch shipbuilder Veka Group.

The shipyard is due to deliver the vessels in the second half of 2016. The new units will replace older gas tankers in Imperial’s fleet, which will then be removed from service.

The 110-meter-long vessels will have 6 tanks suitable for transportation of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), as well as other gaseous products liquefied under pressure.

The new gas tankers will be used by Imperial Gas Barging GmbH, and will join the company’s 17 strong fleet.

“The two new gas tankers set new standards in terms of energy efficiency and carrying capacity. In operation, the new gas tankers are much more economical than the previous units,” Anke Bestmann, Managing Director of IMPERIAL Gas Barging, said.

Both newbuildings will be equipped with a rudder propeller drive system, a dual-power system burning less fuel and requiring less maintenance than older power units, Imperial says.

The main engines’ operating data such as fuel consumption, position, speed, etc, will all be transferred to the shipping company’s control centre online.

The ships’ hulls will be reinforced with enhanced collision protection known as a Schelde lining.