Indonesia: PT Badak NGL Selects IBM to Support Business Growth

IBM today announced that PT Badak NGL, Indonesia’s leading energy producer, is using IBM Power Systems™ to run the company’s ERP systems, helping them improve performance, increase utilization and lower operating costs.

As the world’s largest liquefied natural gas producer, PT Badak needs a robust and reliable IT infrastructure to manage its internal and external resources, including tangible assets, financial resources, materials, and human resources.

PT Badak chose IBM due to the high performance, availability and energy efficiency of IBM Power Systems.

The IBM Power 575 supercomputer being used at PT Badak is designed for organizations that require highly scalable systems with extreme parallel processing performance and dense, modular packaging.

Equipped with IBM’s POWER6® microprocessor, the IBM Power 575 uses water-chilled copper plates to remove heat from the electronics, reducing the amount of energy needed to cool the data center by 40 percent.

Combined with specialized software from IBM, the system offers virtualization technology to enhance PT Badak’s infrastructure efficiency.

“A strong and scalable system is essential to PT Badak’s constantly growing business.

After evaluating all vendors, we found IBM’s solution the best choice to deploy our ERP systems,” said Teten Hadi Rustendi, Head of IT Department, PT Badak NGL.

“In addition to high performance and reliability, the IBM platform also helps simplify our environment and decrease the time needed to meet our business needs,” added Teten.

“IBM’s proven track record, advanced virtualization capabilities and our workload optimization offerings are key tipping points for customers like PT Badak NGL when choosing IBM versus Sun.

They will continue to benefit from IBM’s innovation in Power Systems and our long-term investments in product roadmaps as SPARC-based systems from Oracle continue to lose share at an accelerating rate,” said Fetra Syahbana, Country Manager, System and Technology, IBM Indonesia.

IBM was the #1 ranked vendor in Indonesia in the overall and UNIX® server markets in revenues in the first quarter of 2010.

Coinciding with this announcement today, IBM showcased its innovative and smart solutions designed to infuse intelligence into IT infrastructure, systems and processes to help companies and organizations in Indonesia become smarter and more successful, at the IBM Smarter Systems Tour 2010.

IBM “smarter systems” allow organizations and companies to manage their vast amounts of data, handle analytic and transactional workloads 20 times faster, scale as their needs grow, enable efficient and agile data centers, and remain secure and highly available.

These workload optimized systems take advantage of IBM’s continued research and development investment of $6 billion annually and deep client experience, gained from thousands of customer engagements, to deliver solutions that perform better at a lower cost.

IBM’s leadership in workload optimized systems spans more than four decades.

Its portfolio of optimized systems that have been tested and proven in industry scenarios include the following: WebSphere™ DataPower Appliances, WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance, Tivoli Foundation Appliances, ISS Proventia Server Intrusion Prevention System, Informix BladeCenter Cluster, Cognos Now!, and Lotus Foundations.

IBM pureScale Application with POWER® technology and Smart Analytics Systems are integrated at every level — from microprocessors to hardware and software, highly-tuned for analyzing enormous amounts of data in real-time and handling data intensive transactions.

To enable resellers and applications partners to rapidly deliver industry solutions to their clients, the IBM Smart Analytics System is designed as a standardized offering which delivers a single, optimized system with the right balance of software, systems and storage capabilities for workloads generating unprecedented amounts of data at extreme speeds.

It provides a powerful analytics platform that can be deployed and customized for clients in a matter of days.


Source: International Business Machines, August 9, 2010;