Indonesia to get commercial-scale tidal power plant

Indonesian national electric utility company PT PLN (Persero) and British-based marine renewable energy developer SBS have signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of tidal energy power plant.

According to SBS, the planned tidal-stream facility will be a phased development, starting initially with a total capacity of 12 MW, expanding to 140 MW, based on available resource potential, at a cost of $350 mln.

Sofyan Basir, President Director of PLN, said: “PLN is very pleased to collaborate with SBS on this new and renewable energy development project which will contribute toward the fulfilment of additional power requirements, especially on remote islands. Tidal-stream ocean energy technology from the UK is the most advanced in the world and therefore we are delighted that the British Government has allowed SBS to bring the technology to Indonesia.”

Michael Spencer, SBS Group Chairman and CEO, said: “The Indonesian tidal energy project will progressively create sustainable opportunities for a variety of Indonesian businesses, including shipbuilding, as well as long-term employment for many Indonesians.

“Zero emission tidal-stream turbines are out-of-sight under the ocean and silent. Environmentally, tidal turbines have the lowest impact of all renewable technologies and will play a significant role in delivering electricity to satisfy increased consumer demand in remote Indonesian islands while reducing GHG’s which in turn will help to improve Indonesia’s carbon footprint.”

The collaboration between PLN and SBS will accelerate Indonesia’s power generation energy mix into the future, saving time and cost of research and development studies for Indonesia’s commercial-scale, tidal-stream ocean energy industry, SBS’ press release reads.

Image: SBS

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