Innovate UK Seeks Offshore Wind Cost-Cutting Projects

Innovate UK has launched a funding competition to encourage innovation in infrastructure systems that provide critical services for economy, environment and society, including offshore wind.

Projects for the infrastructure systems strand must show significant innovation in at least one of the following areas: smart infrastructure, energy, connected transport or urban living, while offshore wind solutions should results in substantial reductions in the cost of energy, Innovate UK said.

The competition also comprises a manufacturing and materials strand, which was set up for projects which cover innovation in a manufacturing system, technology, process or business model; innovation in materials development, properties, integration or reuse; or a manufacturing or materials innovation, rather than a product innovation.

The funding includes up to GBP 5 million for projects lasting up to a year and GBP 14 million for projects with the duration of one to three years. The total eligible project costs equal between GBP 25,000 and GBP 3 million.

The minimum duration of the project must be three months, with the maximum duration of three years.

Proposals must improve business growth and productivity or create export opportunities for at least one small- and medium-sized UK enterprise involved in the project.

The final deadline for bids is 31 January 2018.

The applicants will be notified about the status of their projects by 20 April 2018.